​Paul D. Forrest joined Orbis International in 1999 and has dedicated himself to saving-sight worldwide ever since.

He began his Orbis career by heading up Orbis’s fundraising efforts in Hong Kong. In 2010 he became Orbis’s Regional Director for Asia and lead the Asia program activities in line with our global mission, vision, and overall strategies.  In 2014, Paul was promoted to Chief Development Officer and now serves as the strategic leader, visionary, and expert for all U.S. and global development activities. In this role, Paul works closely with Orbis’s CEO and the Board of Directors and provides strong leadership in sharing best practices with a network of nine other Orbis fundraising offices worldwide. As Orbis’s global ambassador Paul fosters internal and external relationships with Orbis donors and supporters worldwide. 

073 P5 0406

Paul Forrest with Ambassador Patricia Moller, an Orbis International Board Director, at the Washington, D.C. launch event of the MD-10.

Paul holds a Master of Economics degree from degree Temple University in Tokyo, Japan, a Bachelor, degree in International Development from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada and a Bachelor, Economics and Political Science from Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada.