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World Sight Day - Pin Campaign

For the staggering 285,000,000 blind people over the world, they are accustomed to blurred vision or even the dark. Given limited resources and inadequate medical support in developing countries, people living there could not receive appropriate treatment, thus gradually lose their sight and are unable to make a living. While many of us take our sight for granted, the ability to see remains an impossible dream for the blind people.

Orbis has been making every endeavour in saving sight worldwide. In striving to combat with blindness globally, we respectfully urge your school to encourage your teachers and students to take a proactive role in bailing the blind from darkness worldwide. By donating just HK$20 or over, your students will receive an Orbis badge commending them for their kindness in showing their compassion for the blind. Each badge is designed with a QR code, allowing you to access to one of the most stunning sights across the globe. 

Over the coming months, our staff will also be delighted to organize talks about blindness or sight restoration and the importance of eye care for the participating schools.

The following “World Sight Day” supporters will receive an Orbis Badge:
- Students donating HK$20 or over,
- Staff members donating HK$100 or over.



Deadline: Friday, September 26, 2014


  • Participating schools will receive an Orbis acknowledgment certificate or a special “Thank You” certificate if they have already supported World Sight Day for three or more consecutive years.
  • The names of all participating schools will appear in an acknowledgement advertisement in Hong Kong Economic Times on October 9.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact on:

Phone: 2508 7026 (Ms. Yeung)
Fax: 2877 1297