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The Next Generation Flying Eye Hospital

We're excited to introduce the next generation Flying Eye Hospital, donated by FedEx, which will bring many advantages to the fight against avoidable blindness, among them:

Improved Design

The next generation Flying Eye Hospital will be an ideal marriage of aviation and medical technology. Housing medical and surgical infrastructure, its hospital suite will comprise nine customized modules similar to commercial cargo containers. On a technical basis alone, our pioneering module approach will save money, time and resources.MD-10

Increased Performance

The next generation Flying Eye Hospital has increased performance over our current plane, reducing — and in some cases eliminating — expensive and time-consuming fuel stops.

Reduced Operating Cost

The next generation Flying Eye Hospital has an upgraded avionics package that requires only two pilots and a lower maintenance cost in the upkeep of the equipment in comparison to our current aircraft. This will lower the expense of crew training and spare parts to maintain the new aircraft. 


Increased Audio Visual Capability

The next generation Flying Eye Hospital will leverage cutting-edge broadcasting and online technology, ensuring more eye care professionals than ever before can access training from anywhere in the world.