Legacy Giving

Leaving Orbis a bequest will enable your passion for a world free of blindness to carry on for all time. Leaving a bequest entitles you to membership in the Visionary Club.

The Visionary Club is an honorary program that recognizes supporters who demonstrate their commitment to the fight against global blindness by including Orbis in their wills, trusts or life insurance policies. Donors who notify us of their intention to make a legacy donation of any size automatically become Visionary Club members. By joining, you will not only develop a deeper understanding of Orbis’s work, you will become part of a chain reaction that will transform the lives of countless millions of needlessly blind individuals around the world.


  • Regular updates on Orbis’ medical and training programs
  • Invitations to Visionary Club functions and events
  • Recognition in our newsletters and website, should you wish for it


Special activities

  • Attend receptions where Orbis volunteer doctors and staff share unforgettable stories of their sight-saving experiences
  • Participate in field visits where you can witness Orbis’ sight-saving work first-hand


Please rest assured that ALL information you provide regarding your bequest will be held in confidence. If you want, your membership in the Visionary Club can also remain confidential. You are, of course, free to alter or cancel your legacy at any time.


How to leave a legacy

Writing a will is never easy and should only be done after consulting your family solicitor. Please find below some examples of the ways in which you can leave a legacy to Orbis. If you need some assistance in writing your bequest, please contact us at (853) 2830 0787 or e-mail: vivian.lo@orbis.org.

  • General bequests. General bequests detail exactly what you want to leave and to whom, while giving your executors the flexibility to decide from which source the funds are to be paid.
  • Specific bequests. Specific bequests are similar to general bequests but specify from exactly which source funds are to be paid. For example, you may wish to leave Orbis a percentage of your life insurance policy.
  • Residuary bequests. Residuary bequests are honoured after all other bequests to families have been made and all expenses and taxes have been paid from your estate.
  • Contingent bequests. Contingent bequests are only made if certain conditions are met. For example, if your principle beneficiary does not survive you, you may wish to indicate your next choice through a contingency designation.


Please inform Orbis of your support

While your will is purely a private matter, it will help us enormously in our future planning if you give us advance notice that you plan on leaving us a legacy. Best of all, you will be able to enjoy a far clearer picture of how we will put your legacy to use by reading our newsletters and annual reports. By notifying us in advance, you will receive membership in our exclusive Visionary Club. You will also receive souvenirs and the possibility of witnessing Orbis programs first hand. To inform us of your support, please download, complete and return the reply coupon to: Orbis Macau, P.O. Pox 478, Macau.


A gift in memory of a loved one

Donating to Orbis in memory of those closest to you is a wonderful way of showing  just how much they meant to you. More importantly, such donations will contribute to a chain reaction that will eventually benefit millions of preventably blind people worldwide. Please feel free to encourage your friends and relatives to make a donation to Orbis in lieu of flowers at your funeral or memorial service. We will, of course, send a remembrance together with a receipt  acknowledging your kindness.