Kids Sight Friends Monthly Donation Program

Because a child’s eye is very different from an adult’s — it is especially susceptible to nutritional deficiencies and infections — the diagnosis and surgical treatment of children requires specialized equipment and training in pediatric ophthalmology. Resources for pediatric ophthalmology, however, are extremely limited in developing countries, and public awareness and government initiatives are also lacking.

Orbis was one of the first organizations working in developing countries to make the prevention and treatment of childhood blindness a priority. Orbis is strengthening pediatric eye care capacity by offering training as well as financial and technical support to its partners.

By making a regular donation to Friends of any size, you will enable us to implement long-term pediatric sight-saving projects in countries where the need is greatest. You can also see our work first hand by joining fascinating events like parent-child See-n-Feel tour.

For some children, just being able to see is an unimagined luxury. By regularly donating just a little, you and your children can easily transform these kids' dreams into realities!

Click here to sign up online or download a donation form.

For more details of "Orbis Kids Sight Friends" monthly donation program, please contact Ms. Rhonda Chiang on (853) 2830 0787. 

Orbis Kids Sight Friends Benefits & Activities:

  • A personalised Orbis Kids Sight Friends membership card with a unique 10-digit number
  • A specially designed welcome gift
  • Certificates and souvenirs for long-term donors
  • Receive our biannual Observer newsletter and other electronic updates on programs and activities

Join activities such as donor gatherings, parent-child sight-saving field visits and tours of our Flying Eye Hospital

* Monthly donation shall be made via your credit card. Once we have confirmed your details, you will receive a letter outlining when your donations will begin. Donations are normally debited on the 15th of each month.