October 2017

The Flying Eye Hospital is currently in Yaoundé, Cameroon. We are in the first week of a four-week training program focused on strengthening the clinical and operational capacity within our partner hospitals – with special focus on pediatric eye care services. Be sure to tune into our Facebook Live event on board during World Sight Day, October 12 at 9am Eastern Standard Time with our Global Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Lord and long-time Volunteer Faculty, Dr. Carlos Solarte, as they come to you live on Facebook, from our Flying Eye Hospital training program in Cameroon.

Over the summer, the MD-10 has undergone mandatory maintenance checks and airworthiness inspections in Singapore. Think of it like your car’s annual service, only our maintenance plans are a bit more rigorous, and regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The MD-10 recently completed its A1 and A2 checks which included the 120-month overhaul of the landing gear. We had to remove and replace the nose, left main, right main and center landing gear assemblies, wheels, tires and brakes. The landing gear has been changed and is now fully compliant and certified for the next 10 years –that’s 120 months!

Our new wheels during their retraction testing! We go into our next round of maintenance checks during the December program break!

We have also upgraded various filming, recording and broadcast capabilities, furthering our reach from the operating room to the classroom and beyond!

There are also a few new faces aboard: Joseph (Jay) Bourgeois has joined the Orbis family as the Flying Eye Hospital Director and Dr. Andreas Di-Luciano is our new staff ophthalmologist. Many Volunteer Faculty may recognize Andreas as he previously trained on the Flying Eye Hospital during his residency at IRO in Peru. Click here to read his story. Finally, please join us in welcoming Jangaiah Chalamala, all the way from India, as the new FEH Audio Visual Specialist.  

Finally, the Cybersight team created a new video to explain the merits and process of pre-screening patient cases through Cybersight in advance of Orbis hospital-based and Flying Eye Hospital trainings.  This should encourage doctors at partner hospitals to preload cases and stimulate interaction between the Volunteer Faculty and partners both before and after training programs.

Click here to see the video.